At Winnii, we see the future of wireless applications are driven by the key developments in intelligent embedded systems. Hence we focus on embedded development projects with practical wireless solutions.


Our current focus will be on wireless front end solutions in  ISM band, especially at 450 Mhz and 2.4 Ghz.

 Wireless PAN Technologies & Applications - A primer



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Our current focus will be on developing RF embedded systems in following  technologies.


1.  Licensed Low power RF (VHF/UHF)


Low cost, low power RF products working in unlicensed 450 Mhz spectrum (FCC Part 15) mainly used in industrial automation.


We have developed RF/Wireless development kits like:

  • RF based two-button remote

  • Wireless home security system

  • RF based PC-to-PC communication

  • RFID (125KHz)implementation for Access Control System

  • RFID (2.4GHz)implementation for Super Markets (Retail Sales)

  • Point to Point Wireless data communication using FSK and Embedding

  • PIC18F452 based wireless remote control kit

  • Keyless Entry System (Car Remote Control)

  • Wireless Home Security System

  • Wireless Access Control System

  • RF -PC to PC Communication System

  • Wireless Two Button Remote

  • Automated wireless Access Control System using Telephone Lines

  • Wireless Handheld Remote Terminal to PC Communication

  • RF based fan speed controller

  • RF based Home Networks through Telephone Systems

2.  Infra Red (IrDA)


Supports one-way, point-to-point control within LOS using Infra Red in applications like  light TV remotes, garage door openers, light and fan controls and Bar-coding applications.  Since LOS required, many devices cannot be controlled.


We have developed systems using infrared sensors in coin operated vending solutions.

3.  Wi-Fi (IEEE 802.11 b/g/a)


WiFi is the most popular wireless LAN technology standard ideally suited for home networking, SOHO/SME networking. This can work along with Ethernet LAN and Powerline Technologies. RFID (RF Identification) solutions can also built and integrated with Wi-Fi solutions.


Our expertise include development of such wireless solutions based on requirement.

4.  RFID (RF Identification Tags)/RFDC (RF Data Collection) - RFID Technology primer

RFID is an application rather than technology. It is meant to replace traditional optically read barcodes and can be implemented in many different situations in many different frequency bands.  For learners and SME developers, 13 MHz systems are excellent to start with. It uses radio frequency (RF) waves for real-time, mobile, remote, portable data collection, reliable information network for inventory control, quality control, asset tracking, JIT industrial processes combing existing wireless technologies like Wi-Fi.

We can integrate RFID solutions and tags for smart applications and custom solutions.

Data Rate
11(b) to 54 (a,g) Mbps
10 – 115 kbps
721 kbps
RF Frequency Band
2.4 and 5 GHz bands
915 MHz, 2.4 GHz 898 Mhz in Europe
2.4 GHz
No. of Nodes
8m (classII, III) to 100m(classI)
Star-access point
Mesh network
Peer to Peer
Current (typ.)
350 mA
30 mA
65 to 179 mA.(classI)
Battery Life
1-3 hours
Years (at low duty cycle)
4-8 hours (streaming audio)
Internet access,
Computer networking,
Retail inventory,
Computer peripherals,
Wireless networking
Wireless sensors,
Industrial controls,
Wireless switches,
Meter reading
Streaming audio,
Cell phone,
Computer peripheral,
Printer cable,











Our future focus will be on following Wireless technologies in line with our embedded systems expertise.

5.  UWB (Ultra Wideband) based solutions

Ultra Wide Band, a wireless communications technology that transmits data in short pulses which are spread out over a wide swath of spectrum. Another promising technology for high data rate industrial automation with no LOS restrictions and wireless sensor networking.


We will be focusing at future UWB based solutions.

6.  Zigbee based solutions

Zigbee is upcoming technology similar to Bluetooth mainly for remote monitoring, control and wireless sensor networks (WSN) and Home Automation Networks (HAN). Standardized as IEEE 802.15.4, low data rate control networks can be designed very cost effectively.  Zigbee applications include low speed data (up to 256Kbps) communication for sensors, actuators, appliances and  asset tracking applications.


We are competent to develop Zigbee based solutions and systems for industrial automation.

5.  Bluetooth based solutions

Bluetooth is the key to enabling wireless personal area networks (WPAN) that connect devices in close proximity or short range radio devices.  Operating in 2.4 GHz ISM 'free band', Bluetooth can be used to develop low-cost, low power, robust, secure, efficient, high capacity, ad hoc voice and data networks that can operate up to 10 meters with a maximum speed of 1 Mbps. It is standardized as IEEE 802.15.1.


Our expertise include development of Bluetooth wireless solutions based on requirement.

8.  Wi-Max Based Solutions

Emerging Wireless MAN technology that will complement 3G/Wireless WAN technologies. As a technology of future, WiMAX will provide total wireless integration. We have plans to enter into Wimax solutions in future.

We aim at promoting ourselves as one of the key players in design and development of futuristic wireless embedded systems such as Wi-Max.


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