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Why Embedded systems & wireless telecommunication training?

Convergence of telecom, wireless, mobile and networking technologies with embedded technologies needs skilled professionals and smart solution companies to leverage the enormous business potential. Embedded technologies are definitely one of the high potential fields in the IT/Telecom sector. That’s why the global ‘embedded and telecom market’ has crossed over $ 1 trillion and will continue to grow. (Source: Gartner)

What is expected by industry and where do one fit in this 'popular OSI model'?

Industry expects engineers to be conversant with technologies as in the illustration above and that is why we have focused our training courses according to industry needs.

Hence, we focus our training and development efforts as below:

  • Embedded Systems Training & Development

  • Telecom & Wireless Training & Development

A. Embedded Systems Training & Development 

Proficiency development in embedded  technologies focus on  topics like Microcontrollers, real-time embedded DSP techniques, microprocessor architecture, chip programming concepts and design methodologies for developing Real-time solutions for industrial automation, biometrics, RF/Wireless access control systems and the like.


Embedded systems are intelligent cocktail of software and hardware with additional controllable electromechanical parts designed to perform specific functions within a real time environment. This uses microprocessors and microcontrollers, digital signal processing, programming concepts and real time operating systems. And there is a dearth of trained manpower in this area……

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B. Telecom & Wireless Training & Development

Domain knowledge on Wireless technologies, IP based VPN & VoIP Networking, 3G/UMTS mobile networks  and mobile IP platforms, Wireless interfacing using Bluetooth, Wi-fi WLAN and New Generation (NGN) wireless technologies is a perfect combination for embedded engineers and as well as telecom/IT professionals. To give better understanding of all the underlying technologies, we offer two/three days work shop of "convergent technologies and applications".  More over in collaboration with industry professionals we can also arrange to provide customised onsite training programs in telecom & wireless technlogies.

  • CCTA - Certificate workshop in Convergent Technologies & Applications

  • Customised onsite courses on telecom & wireless technologies and applications

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