We have designed and developed embedded systems and solutions on the following application areas.

Vending Solutions

Automatic Change dispenser

Phone Card Vending Machine Controller

SMS based remote monitoring system

Ticket vending machine with change dispensing

Coffee/Tea vending machine controller
Snack Vending Machine Controller

Medical Electronics

Dentist Chair Controller

Blood Collection monitor

Industrial Automation

RF Remote controller in 433.92 Mhz ISM Band

Wireless Data Transceiver in ISM 2.454 Ghz Band

Development systems/tools

PIC Microcontroller development System

pSOC Development System

EEPROM Programmer

               We can supply and support the following Embedded/Microcontroller Systems and tools.



PIC Microcontroller System Design tools


Easy PIC Development Kit - 877A

Easy PIC Development Kit - 18F452

Micropro Programmer

Microcontroller Development Tools

PIC C Compiler – PCM from CCS, USA

CPLD Development tools


Xilinx XC9572XC CPLD Development Kit

Xilinx XC2C256 DK with Cool Runner II

VHDL/Verilog CPLD Software tools

Xilinx ISE Foundation Software Package (US-IS-FND) with Model SIM Starter pack

FPGA Development tools 

Spartan-3 FPGA Development Kit 200K Gates with ALU implementation code

DSP Development tools


dsPIC 30F2010 Development Kit

dsPIC 30F6012 Starter kit

DSP Software Tools

MPLAB C30 ANSI C package for dsPIC  

Microchip Digital Filter Design Software package

Wireless Development tools


Bluetooth Development Kits

RFID Development Kits

Zigbee Development Kits

Chipweb Wifi Integration Kits





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