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 Automatic Coin Dispensers


Coin dispensers are not wide spread currently in UAE where as people searching for coins are coins are increasing. This is a versatile AED Dirham dispenser which can work independently or combined with other vending solutions and dispensers. This is ideally suited at locations such as

    • Parking Ticket Machines
    • Photo Copier Machines
    • Soft drink, coffee, chocolate type vending machines

This Coin Dispenser can work stand alone with capacity to hold 1200 to 2000 UAE one Dirhams and can accept 10 or 5 Dirham currencies. It has built in intelligence to inform the status as LED display in the even of note not being accepted or not having enough Coins to dispense with. This stand alone ready-to-deploy coin dispenser can be fitted with existing Parking machines.

Typical Application – Change Dispenser with Vending machines

 Coin dispensers are presently put only at secure places like banks and shopping malls. But the requirement of change dispensers is mostly outside these secure places. If a company maintaining chain of coffee vending machines need to put coin dispenser, there should be some added benefit to do so as there is no direct benefit by maintaining a change dispenser.

Imagine a coffee vending machine or a soft drink vending machine in a crowded paid parking lot. People need change to pay their parking ticket. They don’t mind having a coffee if they can get change to pay their parking ticket. They can simply insert a 5 Dirham note and take a coffee or soft drink worth one/two dirham(s) and get 4or 3 Dirhams as change.

This is only an illustrative situation and this solution can be customized according to requirement.


  • Compact design housing for holding about 1200 one Dirham coins(min of 60 dhs required all the time)
  • Accepts 10 or 5 Dirham notes and dispenses all One Dirham Coins and rejects all other currencies
  • Works with +9v AC/DC adapter or AC power directly.
  • LED scrolling Display for status indication/instructions for currency entry
  • Can be customized as per requirement for co-mounting with existing vending machines

Possible enhancements: 

  • Option for combining with SMS auto attendant to notify when level of coins goes below certain level, say 90%.
  • Option for combining with other vending machines so that both act as a Coin Dispenser cum vending machine. (For instance, insert a 10 Dirham note and get a coffee valued one Dirham and take the balance 9 Dirhams as change).
  • Shape and size can be modified according to requirement. (For instance attaching coin dispenser with existing Parking Ticket vending machine)
  • Option for automatic intimation to maintenance staff in case of emergencies or someone tampering with coin dispenser
  • Can be customized for remote automation with multiple relays that can be activated on different SMS messages

SMS controlled Vending Solutions


This is a versatile SMS based application ideally suited for any type of remote terminals/dispensers that need to be controlled or monitored such as

  • Vending machines
  • ATMs
  • Ticketing machines

This solution uses a GSM modem board with SIM card slot and microcontroller based interface board. A remote dispenser fitted with this SMS auto attendant can send automatic SMS messages to predefined mobile number on certain events which can be programmed using easy-to-use front end software and the serial interface port. This solution uses an optical sensor to count the number items dispensed or sold and send preprogrammed SMS messages to a mobile or another SMS attendant.  Received SMS messages can be further interfaced to suitable software application for central monitoring and control. 

Typical Application - SMS controlled Soft drink Vending dispensers 

Generally, soft drink or any other coin operated dispensers located all over the city on roadsides, shopping malls or public places need to be refilled manually. Refilling staff need to travel to all those vending points periodically and check the available quantity and refill accordingly.  It may so happen that at some locations all items are sold and needs immediate refill or in some other locations there is no need to refill as enough items are still unsold.  In order to plan and reduce the refilling trips, such dispensers can be monitored and controlled with this SMS based solution.

SMS attendant can be fitted in such remote vending dispensers.  Say, there are 200 soft drink cans are filled and the SMS attendant is programmed to SMS when there is  90% of cans are sold leaving only 20 cans left. Optical sensor of SMS attendant will keep count of the cans dropping point and the moment 180 cans are sold, a programmable SMS message of maximum 50 characters is sent to a central mobile number or concerned refilling staff mobile. In case refilling does not happen and all the 100% cans are sold, another urgent message will be sent asking for immediate refill.  This will save time and effort by refilling

Screenshot of SMS Auto attendant front-end software




  • Compact design housing GSM and interface board
  • RS 232 serial port for programming
  • Works with +9v AC/DC adapter
  • Optical sensor with lead in cable
  • GSM Whip antenna and cable for external mounting
  • Can be customized as per requirement using front end software

Possible enhancements: 

  • Option for changing availability levels (90% and 100% can be programmed for different levels)
  • Option for sending SMS to multiple numbers instead of one mobile
  • Option for receiving SMS from central point and replying with actual quantity available
  • Option for triggering a relay upon receipt of particular SMS message
  • Possibility of even vending through SMS instead of coin (needs local mobile operator support)
  • Can be customized for remote automation with multiple relays that can be activated on different SMS messages



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